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GRP Cable Trays - Ladders

Captrad has a specific division that solely deals with Cable Management Products and is branded as Captrad Cable Systems supply a wide range of cable tray systems including cable trays, grp cable trays, grp/frp cable ladders, cable ladders and their associated products.

We have designed our grp cable trays with the user in mind offering an excellent click-fit lid system with internal supports which intern creates excellent stability under load. Our cable trays are supplied in a wide range of sizes and resins to accommodate any project or working environment.  

grp cable tray

Along with the cable trays we can offer a full range of grp cable ladders that can compliment any cable system project. Again our grp cable ladders can be produced in a variety of sizes, resins and colours. Which make them an excellent choice where heavy duty cables are used over greater distances. 


Captrad Cable Systems has the ability to adapt to any given project and situation due to the fact that we can call upon the various divisions within Captrad Ltd to offer the various support systems required for any cable tray/ladder support system. 

Captrad Cable Systems has appointed various agents worldwide to assist on any given project. This allows us to react to customer demands and help maintain continuity of supply which is essential when servicing such industries as oil & gas, marine and power.

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Captrad Cable Systems have Agents World Wide that can cater for any project. Contact us on +44 (0)1695 680010