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GRP Scaffolding Tube

GRP Scaffolding Tube
Captrad have introduced a new grp scaffolding system to their product range. This includes grp scaffolding tubes and planks.  These grp scaffolding products allow customers to erect temporary or semi-permanent structures in those environments where conventional scaffolding materials cannot be used.  This includes chemical process plant, the food industry, electrical or radiation hazard areas and those situations where weight saving is critical.
Scaffold tube Specially designed high stiffness, thick walled, Pullwound glass fibre reinforced polyester tube.
Outside diameter: 48.5 mm. 
The correct diameter to accept standard steel scaffolding fittings
Laminate construction: high glass content, multiply structural core with tough external composite layer for maximum resistance to in-service damage.
Technical Data  GRP behaves very differently from metals in that it has a much lower modulus but the same or higher strength; it is elastic and has no defined yield point.  Therefore it is not easy to make direct comparisons with the specification given in the BS
and EN standards for steel scaffold tube.


Property Data

 Axial modulus



 Axial strength



 Transverse crush strength






Scaffolding Tubes

Scaffold plank A unique pultruded hollow grp box profile with internal stiffening ribs and an integral anti-slip top surface.  The plank is designed to match the performance of wood or aluminium scaffold planks.
The scaffold plank is highly resistant to corrosive environments, does not chip, spall or create splinters, is lighter than wood or metal planks and is electrically non-conductive. 
All these benefits make it an ideal plank for use in those areas where wood or metal planks are not suitable or are limited by regulatory requirements. The plank has been thoroughly tested and complies with CSA (S269.2M87) and OSHA (1926.451 Section A1)


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