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GRP Panels

GRP panels can be used for many applications from Schools, Offices to Mobile Homes. Our fiberglass panels are easy to work with and can adapt to any given environment

GRP Panels are 100% weather and water-resistant, and can be submersed in water without being damaged.

Captrad GRP Panels have upto a 15-year working guarantee depending upon application!

Captrad Glass reinforced plastic Panels are extremely Frost resistant. 

All panels can be manufactured in a avriety of thicknesses and panel sizes. We can even offer grp sandwich panels
Captrad GRP Panels are UV-resistant


Captrad Fiberglass Panels are highly chemical resistant, tolerating all chemical compounds and concentrations found in the air and in precipitation in industrial areas.

Captrad GRP Panels are very easy to clean. Graffiti can easily and quickly be removed without physical or visual impairment of the exterior - this allows them to be used in a variety of applications

Captrad Fiberglass Panels are robust and impact resistant, making it highly suitable for exposed places. The façade panels breakage is virtually zero.
Captrad GRP Panels does not contain halogens and is considered to be an inert (chemically neutral) material.

fiberglass panels
fibreglass panels


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