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GRP Grating Riser Shafts

GRP Riser Gratings are an excellent choice for every contractor that has to work with riser voids – the aperture left to accommodate mechanical and electrical services on various floor levels offer a major health and safety issue
With this in mind GRP Riser Grating are the perfect choice due to the nature of the product. They can easily be fabricated to a cutting schedule prior to delivery. And with their ease of use cutting on site is easily processed via the installers with no need of Hot Works permits

riser gratings

Installation Options for GRP Grating in Riser Shafts

  1. Installation of GRP Angle around the perimeter of the void
  2. Installation of Structural GRP I beams across the void
  3. GRP Grating is easily cast into concrete slabs
  4. GRP Angles can be cast into the concrete

Benefits of GRP Grating in Riser Shafts 

Once the M&E services are ready to be installed, the grating is easily cut using a jig saw to form the holes required for the riser services. This can be done prior to the installation off site or easily produced on site

The use of GRP Grating eliminates maintenance costs. Fiberglass Grating weighs about one quarter of steel grating, and two men can easily handle and fit the panels without the need for any equipment other than hand tools. This dramatically reduces installation costs and eliminates any H&S issues resulting from personnel picking up heavy weights.

The proven gritted anti-slip surface of our moulded grating has one of the highest degrees of slip resistance ever measured for a walking surface, especially in wet, oily or frosty work areas. The integral gritted anti-slip top surface provides long-lasting slip resistant qualities. The material has excellent corrosion resistance, a factor which makes it a logical and cost-effective alternative to conventional steel materials.



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