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Phenolic Sheets

Captrad’s Glass Reinforced Phenolic (GRPf) flat sheets, Phenolic mouldings, phenolic stair treads, phenolic non slip sheets offer a high resistance to fire and the lowest smoke /toxic emissions in the world of composites. Although plastics (polymers) changed the face of the 20th century their main disadvantage was their performance in fire. Flame resistant additives can quell fire spread but not smoke and toxic fumes which are responsible for the majority of associated fatalities


GRP Phenolic Sheets consist mainly of cured phenolic resin and glassfibre.
It is one of the most effective cosmetic FIRE RESISTANT sheet materials available, producing relatively minute quantities of smoke and toxic fumes when exposed to fire – whist still retaining excellent physical properties at high temperatures. Not only can we produce flat sheets in various colours in this resin we can also produce - Stair Treads, Cable Trays, Cable Ladders, Non slip floor, Anti Slips Sheets

phenolic sheets

GRP Phenolic Natural Sheets

GRP Phenolic Painted Sheets


GRP Phenolic Stair Treads & Stair Nosings


Compared to other composite products, Phenclad panels are unique in the respect that they have been tested and certified for use in high risk installation and have been deemed ‘fit for purpose’ in applications such as Oil Rigs, accommodation modules, underground transportation systems (LUL).

London Underground
Captrad supplied a large volume of Phenolic Mouldings to Aldergate East (LUL) Station

 Captrad also has a range of Phenolic GRP Grating that offers an excellent structural floorig system that meets all the US Coast Guard criteria



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