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Deck 500

GRP Deck 500


DECK 500 is a one-piece pultruded profile, 500mm over width and 40mm thick, with a tongue and groove joint along the length of the plank that gives a firm, sealable joint between lengths of profile.
DECK 500 gives a solid floor with a gritted anti-slip surface. It will span 1.5m at a design load of 5kN/m2 with a deflection limit of L/200 and meets all the requirements of BS 4592-4 Industrial type flooring and stair treads Part 5: Solid plates in metal and glass reinforced plastics (GRP) Specification and BS EN ISO 14122 part 2 - Safety of Machinery Permanent means of access to machinery.
Our GRP Deck 500 Decking system meets all the requirements of EN 13706 Specification of grp profiles Grade E23 and is manufactured under ISO 9000 registered quality control system.
GRP DECK 500 is suitable as a mezzanine floor, for walkways, pedestrian bridge decks and odour control covers or to keep out water penetration in potable and waste water treatment units.
Fiberglass Decking can be used in a number of other applications where its strength, light weight and easy of joining provide important benefits. For example:

  • Deck 500 can be used as deck covers for cooling towers
  • Baffles in water treatment tanks
  • Stop locks
  • Flood defence barriers easy to install, no theft value

    Deck 500 


    Mechanical Properties of Deck 500
    The following data has been calculated from measurements made of the full section modulus - EN 13706, Annex D

    Load Table



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    GRP Deck 500 Excellent for Walkways - with greater spans achieved