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GRP Grating - GRP Gratings

GRP Grating - GRP Gratings

Captrad produce all types of grp grating from moulded grp gratings and pultruded grp grating which provide an efficient and cost effective solution for all grp flooring, walkways and decking areas requiring long term performance in very aggressive and corrosive/chemical environments. GRP Grating is manufactured from glass reinforced thermoset resins, Captrad's grating is an excellent choice to replace conventional steel and aluminium grating systems in such aggressive/hazardous environments.

Captrad's grp grating has a density one-quarter that of steel and two-thirds that of aluminium which considerably simplifies installation and handling of our frp grating panels. Unlike metallic grating, moulded/pultruded grating can be easily cut on site using only hand tools, the grp open mesh flooring allows a variety of tools to be used when fabricating. The ease of handling fiberglass grating makes it the ideal grating to install in difficult access areas as personal can carry it. Fiberglass Grating due to its light weight falls easily within H&S limits.

Along with Captrad Grating we also offer a full range of GRP Structural Profiles that can support and complement any fabricated structure. We can assist with design and offer a fabrication service thus you will receive a finished working product.

Fiberglass Moulded Grating has Load bearing bars in both directions of the panel allow for use without continuous side support. This allows the our grating panels to fabricated whilst retaining its structural properties.
All our open mesh flooring works very well with the structural profiles we supply (see pultrusion section).

Fibreglass Grating Uses

  • Offshore
  • Walkways
  • Industrial areas
  • Chemical Environments Engineering  Environments
  • Roof Walkways
  • GRP Grating for Hazardous Areas
  • Any flooring application
  • Decking Areas
  • GRP Flooring
  • Structural components
  • GRP Grating Catergories

    GRP Moulded Grating GRP  Pultruded Grating GRP Marina Grating
    GRP Mini Mesh Grating GRP Covered Grating (Solid Top) GRP High Load Grating
    GRP Phenolic Grating

    GRP Grating

    For full details on panel sizes, grp mesh sizes, resins etc please download our full pdf document in the right hand menu

    GRP Grating Sizes

    Please call if you can't see the size you require as we have large volumes of stock - 01695 680010

    Chemical GRP-FRP Grating:

    Captrad have engineered specifically formulated resins for such chemical environments. Due to this new formula it allows our grp flooring to work in these harsh environments without being affected.

    Trench grating
    grp gratings

    Captrad’s grp grating systems combine unmatched corrosion resistance with strength, long life and safety. With more than ten custom resins, Captrad products are proven to deliver years of reliable service, even in the most demanding corrosive conditions, conditions which cause conventional metallic and wood products to deteriorate rapidly.
    Captrad products are lightweight and easy to fabricate. Savings on labour and equipment often make the total installed cost of Captrad products comparable to that of steel.

    Combining these installation savings with low maintenance, long life and worker safety,
    Captrad grp products offer a life cycle cost that is significantly lower than that of metallic products.
    Captrad has a newly improved isophthalic polyester resin system outperforms a number of competitive fibreglass and metal products and meets the requirements for corrosion resistance found in industrial,
    chemical processing and water/wastewater applications.
    Colours: yellow, grey, dark grey, or dark green.
    Flame Spread: ASTM E84 rating of 25 or less.
    Certifications: DNV Type Approval No. F-16856
    Panel Sizes: 1220x3660, 1000x2000, 1000x3000, 1000x4000 at various thicknesses      
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